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Board of Trustees

2019-20 Board Members

Board of Trustees Vice President, Chuck Berwick

Senior Investment Writer, The Vanguard Group, Inc. • Church of the Saviour • Wife: Sally • Children attending DC: Bradford 6th, Chase 4th

Completed 3 years on the Board

Board of Trustee Secretary, Megan Daly King
Vice President

Attorney • Springton Lake Presbyterian Church • Husband: Thomas • Children attending DC: Aubryn 6th, Maisie 4th, Sawyer 2nd, Teagan K

Completed 2 years on the Board

Board of Trustees Member, Matt McGowen

Attorney, NewLaw PLLC • Partner, McGowen Equity Partners. • Proclamation Presbyterian Church • Wife: Lindsay • Children attending DC: Lily 1st, Grace K

Completed 1 year on the Board

Board of Trustees Treasurer, Damon Swaner

Managing Director, JPMorgan Chase • Christ Community Church • Wife: Lynn • Children attending DC: Ashley 11th, Damon 8th, Caitlyn 4th

Completed 1 year on the Board

Board of Trustees Member, Chris Barbee

Retired Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers • Calvary Chapel of Delaware County • Wife: Colleen • Children who graduated from DC: Christopher Class of 2012, Connor Class of 2013, Catherine Class of 2007

Completed 1 year on the Board

Board of Trustee Member, Tom Corcimiglia

President & CEO of Thomas Charles Wealth Management and Partner at Private Advisor Group • Christ Community Church • Wife: Natalie • Children who graduated from or are attending DC: Clay, Class of 2018, Nathan 12th, Sky 9th, Sam 1st

Completed 2 years on the Board

Board of Trustees Member, Jeff Dill

Affiliate Professor of Sociology and Liberal Studies in the Templeton Honors College at Eastern University • Research Scholar at the University of Virginia's Institute for Advanced Studies on Culture • Church of the Good Samaritan • Wife: Heather • Children attending DC: Jack 11th, Micah 10th, Cody 8th, Carter 5th

Completed 1 year on the Board

Andy Iott

Senior Vice President of Global Product Development at Globus Medical • Springton Lake Presbyterian Church • Wife: Jenny • Children attending DC: Ben 12th, Maggie 8th

Shellina Marshall

Children and Family Director at Springton Lake Presbyterian Church • Springton Lake Presbyterian Church • Husband: Jonathon • Children attending DC: Isaiah 3rd, Elijah 1st

Board of Trustees Member, Michael Oh

Global Executive Director/CEO, Lausanne Movement • Renewal Presbyterian Church • Wife: Pearl • Children who graduated from or are attending DC: Hannah Class of 2018, Mikaela 12th, Eowyn 10th, Elliot 8th, Michael 6th

Completed 1 year on the Board

Board of Trustee Member, Jim Pitofsky

Managing Director, Strategic Alliances
John Templeton Foundation • Cornerstone Christian Church • Wife: Becky • Children attending DC: Asher 6th, Luke 4th

Completed 2 years on the Board

Board of Trustees Member, Holly Roberts

Homemaker • Proclamation Presbyterian Church • Husband: Matt • Children attending DC: Anna 11th, Reed 10th, Porter 7th

Completed 1 year on the Board

Board of Trustee Member, Adam Sacks

President, Tourism Economics • Covenant Fellowship • Wife: Bethany • Children attending DC: Corin 11th, Annabelle 8th, Jude 6th

Completed 1 year on the Board

Board of Trustee Member, Mark Wilson

American Bible Society, CFO • Church of the Saviour • Wife: Nathalie • Children who graduated or are attending DC: Maximilien, Class of 2018, Benjamin 8th

Completed 4 years on the Board

Board of Trustee Member, Carlton Wynne

Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary • Proclamation Presbyterian • Wife: Linley • Children attending DC: Robert 6th, Connor 4th, and Anderson 1st

Delaware County Christian School (DC) is an independent Christian school incorporated as a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation under the name Delaware County Christian School Society, Inc. The school is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by current parents, faculty, staff, and former parents and alumni who financially contribute to the school. As “keepers” of DC’s Mission, the Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring the DC Mission is realized both today and in the future, through establishing strategic direction of the school and providing oversight of the Head of School.

DC adheres to a Policy Governance model.

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The DC Board of Trustees: What you should know
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Board of Trustees Strategic Priorities 2018-19
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National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS): Good Principles and Bad Practice
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