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At DC we believe that all are created in the image of God. This belief, coupled with our core values of Rooted in Christ, Servanthood, Community and Impact, means that we strive to cultivate an atmosphere that celebrates both the diversity and the unity of God’s Kingdom.

Teaching students to “Consider One Another” permeates our school climate through our Honor Code, the Responsive Classroom approach and various SAIL courses.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:35


  • Cultural diversity: DC has served students from 13 countries
  • Geographic diversity: DC students represent over 36 school districts
  • Racial diversity: 38%
  • Religious diversity: DC students, faculty, and staff represent over 150 churches
  • Socioeconomic diversity: 41% of DC students receive financial aid


MCA exists to promote a better understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity through extracurricular events and programming.


  • Promote meaningful dialogue concerning cultural diversity.
  • Help the DC community become more skilled in talking about diversity.
  • Educate the DC community on different cultures around the world.
  • Promote community and emphasize the doctrine of imago Dei and the dignity and worth of each human being.
  • Emphasis on the community as a body or people united in Christ:


  • Donuts and Discussion: Monthly discussions on current events or issues
  • Church Visits: Allow members of the DC community to experience different styles of worship
  • Multicultural Food Festival and Talent Show: Experience food and entertainment that represents the various cultures represented throughout the DC community.
  • Martin Luther King Day of Service


DC views all students as valued, unique image bearers of God, and views human intellect as that which can be shaped and developed. Whether it be through honors courses, AP classes, hands-on learning, SAIL classes, or Student Support Services, we desire that every DC student is challenged, nurtured and known.


Our International Program allows us to bring the global community to our campus promoting understanding among cultures in the classroom and beyond. Students from South Korea, China, Croatia, Nigeria, Brazil, Japan and Costa Rica have become DC Knights, graduating and continuing their education at American universities. To learn more, contact our International Student Programs Office at or 610-353-6522 x2283.


The resources listed below are a starting point as DC continues to grow as a community towards racial reconciliation.

Websites and Articles: