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DC Diversity Statement

The DC Diversity Statement reaffirms our commitment to biblical community and our love for those made in his image. The purpose of this statement is to establish commitments on diversity based on biblical principles which will help DC fulfill its mission statement of educating students who will serve God and impact the world through biblical thought and action. 

Created in the Image of God

Reconciliation and Restoration

Sacrificial Brotherly Love

Inclusive Community

Biblical Justice

Unified in Diversity

Celebration of Diversity
Ray Garcia

Ray Garcia recently joined DC as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion to work alongside administration, faculty, and students to strengthen our diversity initiatives. 

“While there are certainly parts of our past we lament, DC has a strong foundation and history worth celebrating,” Garcia says. “I love what DC stands for—educating the whole child to grow in knowledge and also in their walk with God, as well as its support of local churches.”

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