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The mission of Delaware County Christian School is to educate students who will serve God and impact the world through biblical thought and action. This mission is at the core of DC academics.

WE BELIEVE education involves more than the accumulation of facts. DC provides an academic program shaped by a Christian worldview and marked by excellence and rigor. This solid liberal arts education is coupled with opportunities to think deeply and broadly and to solve real-world problems. 

WE BELIEVE critical thinking, continuous learning, the ability to transform ideas into action, and effective communication are important in this fast-changing world. 

WE BELIEVE there is a purpose in our learning; it leads to biblical action that glorifies God. 

As we carry out this belief, students find joy in learning and doing. Examples include:

  • Lower school students using newly learned musical skills to bring joy to nursing home residents
  • Middle school students applying their understanding of physical and earth science to build wind turbines as an alternative energy source 
  • Upper school students developing a response plan to an international development and social justice issue based on their knowledge of history, biology, and economics - all understood through a biblical worldview.

WE BELIEVE a DC education enables students to reach their full potential, to cultivate their God-given intellects, and to become passionate, lifelong learners. A DC education prepares students to impact the world through biblical thought and action.  

Early Childhood Center

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Lower School

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Middle School

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