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The Center for Innovation

The Center for Innovation exists to equip our community with a posture of innovation and to apply the liberal arts education in the world out of love for God and for His Kingdom. It operates within the broader DC ecosystem to develop systems, spaces, programs, connections, and resources that cultivate the conditions for innovation amongst our stakeholders.

What are Micro-Certs?

What are Distinctions?

What is the Codex App?

Innovation at DC

The Center for Innovation provides a space and an academic model of project-based learning as the catalyst for deeper learning for students in all grades. It works to equip students and teachers with a set of practical skills and hands-on experiences to discover new things and impact real people. We do this by bringing the school and community together to do work on programs, projects, community experiences, competitions, and targeted events. This promotes stronger connections between knowledge obtained in our liberal arts academic program and practical experiential learning.

DC is developing an ecosystem not just for engineering-minded students but gives all students the opportunity, according to their interest, time, and abilities to access tools that will allow them to explore the world and know it better, solve problems and apply solutions.Jim Favino, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Engaging Educational Experiences

  • Micro-certifications
  • SAIL Classes
  • Lower School Hive Classes
  • Middle School STEM Classes
  • Upper School Ventures Club
  • DC Summer Programs Excel Classes
  • Junior Achievement Club
  • Campus Student-run Businesses
  • Business Competitions

Innovative Spaces

  • The HIVE - Lower Campus Learning Area
  • The Loft - Upper Campus Ideation Space
  • The Studio - Upper Campus Audio Visual Production Studio

Connection with Community

  • Educational Partnerships with other High Schools and Universities
  • Business Partnerships through Educational and Internship Opportunities

Academic Distinctions

  • Distinction in Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Distinction in Computer Graphics
  • Distinction in Robotics and Engineering
  • Distinction in Theatre Arts
  • Distinction in Fine Arts


A bright and open space at the heart of the Lower Campus supporting integrated learning and educational innovation. Learn More

The Loft

Upper Campus ideation space provides a flexible and creative environment for Middle and Upper School Students to collaborate.