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Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Center
ECC Teacher and Student
ECC students at play

Young children are naturally inquisitive and love to learn. They love to play, move, and engage the world around them. DC’s Early Childhood Center will provide a safe environment and learning community where young learners will develop a sense of awe and wonder for God’s created world. This, in turn, fosters a lifelong love of learning.

The ability to teach scriptural truth through a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive curriculum is at the heart of our Christian preschool. This approach allows teachers to focus on the whole child; helping young learners understand they are created, known, and loved by God is the cornerstone of our program. DC’s Early Childhood Center will provide a solid foundation for future academic success.

Early Childhood at a Glance

DC prepares young learners for a life of impact through an innovative and exemplary education rooted in Christ.

Exceptional Facilities

DC’s Early Childhood Center is located at the school’s Lower Campus in Devon, PA. This beautiful facility and campus provide a highly desirable and safe location. With a 30 acre campus complete with playgrounds, playing fields, woods, stream, meadow and gardens, there is room for young learners to play, explore, and learn outdoors. Private preschool classrooms are bright and well equipped. Additional facilities include a full-size gymnasium, library, chapel, and outdoor classrooms. Building security is a a top priority and a full-time licensed nurse is on site during school hours.

outdoor classroom
Early Childhood Playground
Early Childhood Outdoors
Lower Campus Gymnasium
Lower Campus Playground
Early Childhood Classroom

Experience Counts

Combined, our current early childhood faculty members have extensive experience in teaching early learners. This knowledge and experience inspires them to ensure teaching and programmatic choices are developmentally appropriate. Since children grow and learn on their own unique timetable, teachers use differentiated instruction to meet individual student needs.

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