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Nurturing students’ curiosity about God’s world and providing a strong biblical worldview foundation for future learning are at the core of DC’s Lower School curriculum. Students are encouraged to develop habits for lifelong learning through the exploration of rich content in Bible, history, math, science, language arts, and Greek and Latin roots - all taught from a biblical perspective. In addition to solid content knowledge, students develop their skills and apply their learning as they work together to ask questions, solve problems, and make connections to the world. The result is a joyful environment in which students are encouraged to share ideas around meaningful work.

Students learn and grow at different rates and in different ways. At DC, instruction is planned to appeal to diverse learners. Through individual, small group, and whole group instruction, students experience various pathways to learning. Additionally, hands-on, interactive activities help students experiment, take meaningful risks, and understand new concepts.

To enhance the learning environment, enrichment classes are embedded into the students' school day. The HIVE ( Hub of Innovation and Exploration) is an interdisciplinary class where students are encouraged to think critically, exercise creativity, collaborate with peers and communicate their learning. HIVE and art class are taught topically in grades 1-5 to foster deeper learning and collaboration across grade levels. Students collaborate as young scientists and engineers to solve real-world problems, using the design cycle.

Music, physical education, Spanish, and library and technology are also a part of the student schedule. Each year students participate in local and regional competitions, such as the ACSI Math Olympics, ACSI Spelling Bee, and various art and writing contests. Students participate in Bible instruction each day and are encouraged to grow in their faith and walk with God in all of their learning. Students utilize the English Standard version of the Bible. In addition to Bible class, students in grades 1-5 participate in weekly chapel and various service opportunities both in school and in the broader community.