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Part of growing up in community is learning how to work and play together as image bearers of Christ. We desire to equip students to think biblically about the issues of life as they progress through each stage of development. The Lower School guidance program provides education through classroom instruction, workshops for parents and students, consultation for teachers and parents, and individual counseling.

Students in grades 2 through 5 learn biblical conflict resolution skills through the Young Peacemakers program, which focuses on teaching students how to relate to one another in a God-honoring way. Students are taught to take responsibility for their words and actions as well as to seek and extend forgiveness when needed.

Strategies of the Responsive Classroom are utilized in common areas throughout the school and many classes begin their day together with morning meeting. New students are supported through a buddy program at the start of the school year to help ease the transition to a new school. Annually, we look forward to our, “Wonderfully Made, Highly Valued” program which provides informative workshops for 5th graders and their parents.