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Technology instruction is integrated with Library class time as well as within the grade level classrooms. Emphasis is placed on how to think and honor the Lord in the use of technology. In Library/Technology class, students begin to learn basic computer and document creation skills using word processing and presentation software. In addition, students learn to do research on the computer using the internet and other research databases. They learn about tools available for research and the skills needed to assess and cite information found via the internet. For example, first graders may take an internet field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the San Diego Zoo to find information that relates to a story they have read. They learn how the internet can take us places and discuss how to use the internet wisely. Second graders may listen to a story about an elephant and then head to the computer lab to do some research about elephants, providing the opportunity to learn about wise choices while using the computer for research. Third through fifth grade students will learn how to use presentation software to either retell a story or to create a book commercial for one of their favorites. Third through fifth grade students also work through the Typing Club program at school and at home to develop their keyboarding skills.

  • School Google accounts are given to each student in grades 3-5 in our Google Workspace for Education program. Lower School students access is limited to Google Drive.
  • All Lower School classrooms are equipped with ceiling-mounted lcd or interactive projectors and/or Smartboards.
  • Chromebook carts are available for teachers to use with their students in their classrooms.
  • Document cameras are in many classrooms.
  • A designated computer lab is available for Lower School classes.
  • Each classroom is equipped with at least two student computer workstations.
  • Lower School students receive direct training in the use of computers and computer applications.
  • The library is connected to the computer lab and has four additional computer workstations.
  • Students develop and display their technology skills in various student-led technology projects integrated into normal coursework.