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Co-curricular Activities

The DC middle school provides a wide range of co-curricular programs that exemplify our core values. We offer activities in academics, the arts, athletics, and outreach. This variety draws almost 90% of our middle school students to take part in an after-school activity during the school year.

Academic Clubs

Academic clubs highlight our core value of scholarship. They allow for deeper exploration of academic disciplines, and they provide an extra challenge for students who are eager to stretch and test their knowledge and understanding of various topics. In the past five years, our Robotics Team has twice qualified for the VEX Robotics World Championships.

  • Math Olympics
  • National Geography Bee
  • Robotics
  • Science Olympiad

Arts Activities

DC's Fine Arts programs are exceptionally strong, epitomizing our core value of excellence. Both choir and bands are adjudicated in regional competitions often earning first place recognition.

  • Drama production every fall
  • Choir (also auditions for Girls' and Boys' Select Choirs)
  • Band


This vibrant program enables students and teachers to connect outside of class in meaningful ways, it supports our philosophy of maintaining a sound body and mind as it fosters teamwork and friendships. Instructed by Christian coaches, athletes learn how to glorify God in the crucible of competition. Our core values of rooted in Christ, excellence, community, and impact, play out on a daily basis by showing young people how best to engage the world through authentic life situations.

Learn more about Middle School Athletics on our athletic page.


Our core values of community, impact, rooted in Christ, and servanthood are demonstrated in our middle school outreach activities.

  • food drives for the community
  • Christmas cookie outreach
  • supporting students at a Christian school in the Dominican Republic
  • MLK Day of Service