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Online Courses

DC has partnered with Sevenstar Academy to offer online courses to both expand and enhance the learning experience available at DC**. All of these online courses are consistent with a biblical worldview.

Students seeking to take online courses must be enrolled in DC. Enrollment in the online program requires administrative approval.

Online coursework may be taken as a full or part-time option.

Part-Time Option
  • Supplemental Needs - in addition to DC offerings or in lieu of DC courses that can't be scheduled (i.e. students who have an irresolvable scheduling conflict)
  • Remedial Needs - students who need to repeat a course
  • Enrichment Interests - elective courses to enhance learning in addition to on-campus course offerings
  • Exceptional Needs - health, disciplinary, or other issues
Full-Time Option

For students who need flexibility in their schedule for exceptional outside activities (e.g. Olympic training); an alternative for home-bound students due to health issues, learning needs or disciplinary action **(see guidelines for full-time students)

If you have questions about DC's Online program, please contact our Online Education Coordinator, Mr. Trevor Creeden at or 610-353-6522 x2289.

Part Time Course Enrollment
First page of the PDF file: Part-Time_course_enrollment

** The use of computer technology in instruction has matured to the point of becoming a significant component of educational methodology. An increasing amount of corporate training and higher education is being conducted online. Many states have mandated that online education be one component of every high school student's educational program.

The proper use of technology in education will continue to grow. We believe that the most effective environment for education requires the physical presence of faculty and other students. Empowered scholar mentors impact lives through modeling, personal encouragement and conversation, as well as formal instructional content. The personal ministry of the teacher and the direct interaction with other students are essential components of Christian education for Delaware County Christian School. However, online education can supply elective instructional content and can be an effective supplement to the on-campus experience.

Contact Information

Chuck Young
Head of Middle School
610-353-6522 x2291

Chad Fenley
Assistant Head of Middle School
610-353-6522 x2277

Gwen Peters
Administrative Assistant
Middle School Office
610-353-6522 x2275