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Technology is integrated throughout the entire middle school curriculum. Students are equipped to use technology effectively, to use resources responsibly, to discern the ethical implications of actions, and to use technology as a tool to serve God and others.

  • School Google accounts are given to each student in our G Suite for Education program.
  • All middle school classrooms are equipped with ceiling-mounted lcd projectors and Smartboards.
  • Document cameras are in many classrooms.
  • Chromebook carts are available in each classroom for student use.
  • A designated computer lab is available for middle school classes.
  • Middle school students receive direct training in the use of computers and computer applications.
  • The library has eight computer workstations.
  • Online library resources such as research databases and the library catalog are accessible by students both at school and at home.
  • Students develop and display their technology skills in various student-led technology projects integrated into normal coursework.
  • Students have access to teacher pages using Moodle’s learning management system.
  • Students have access to gradebook and homework information using FACTS Family Online (formerly RenWeb).
  • Secured wifi over upgraded internet bandwidth has been deployed throughout the campus.

Middle School Technology Resources

Contact Information

Chuck Young
Head of Middle School
610-353-6522 x2291

Chad Fenley
Assistant Head of Middle School
610-353-6522 x2277

Gwen Peters
Administrative Assistant
Middle School Office
610-353-6522 x2275