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Schools of Applied and Innovative Learning

What does it take to have an impact in today’s complex and rapidly changing world? At DC, we take seriously our commitment to graduating students who will be world-changers. Now more than ever, students need to be confident in their abilities to apply what they are learning in their liberal arts education to problems that matter to them and to the world. In this way, SAIL reconnects the idea of scholarship with its theological implications that there is a purpose to our learning: It is to be applied to various situations to glorify God.

The Schools of Applied and Innovative Learning (SAIL) is built to teach our students to engage with authentic problems and current issues, and develop the agency to work toward solutions that impact their communities and the world for Christ. The courses offered in these schools are characterized as interdisciplinary, collaborative, product-based, and hands-on. Students will experiment with novel ideas and take meaningful risks; they will be empowered to solve complex problems; they will have the time and space to dig deep into matters of importance; and they will connect the work of thinking to the work of doing. Interdisciplinary consideration will be brought to bear on challenging issues; as a result, many perspectives will inform action and our students will experience the interconnected world of knowledge that comes from our Creator.

Students will take courses in the School of the Arts, School of Humanities and Entrepreneurship, and the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). 

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