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Student Support Services

Delaware County Christian School (DC) views all students as valued, unique image bearers of God, and we believe that Christian education is a means used by God to develop a Christian mindset so that every student can fulfill God’s will in his or her life. Based on the foundational belief that human intellect can be shaped and developed, Student Support Services exists to work with diverse nontraditional learners and provide them with the tools to fulfill the plans that God has for them. This population of students is those who need accommodations and/or supplemental services to experience maximum success in the regular classroom. Our ongoing goal is to support and stretch these students in order for them to succeed in our Christian, college preparatory, school program. Our Student Support Services faculty provide a safe learning environment that both nurtures and challenges students. Respecting and appreciating whom God made their students be, they care deeply about each student’s well-being and his or her success in school, and their desire is for their students to find joy in learning.

We pray that each of our students will claim this promise found in Psalm 18:29:
“By my God, I can scale a wall.”

We want to inspire young men and women to aspire to fulfill the plans that the Lord has for them!