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DC is committed to preparing students to be effective users and communicators of information, and literate, responsible citizens in a global economy. We view technology as a pedagogical tool that should not only help achieve those ends, but also increase collaboration, strengthen community, and improve critical thinking. DC teachers lead students in thinking biblically about how Christians should participate in the use and creation of technology.

  • Students are issued a device for use during the school year as part of our 1:1 initiative. Parents will be charged a yearly rental fee.
  • School Google accounts are given to each student in our Google Workspace for Education program.
  • Classrooms have ceiling-mounted lcd or interactive projectors and/or Smartboards.
  • Document cameras are in many classrooms.
  • A designated computer lab is available for Upper School classes.
  • The library has computer workstations.
  • Online library resources such as research databases and the library catalog are accessible by students both at school and at home.
  • Students develop and display their technology skills in various student-led technology projects integrated into normal coursework.
  • Students have access to teacher material using Google Classroom.
  • Students have access to gradebook and homework information using FACTS Family Online.
  • Secured wifi over upgraded internet bandwidth has been deployed throughout the campus.

Upper School Technology Resources