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Affording DC

Our Commitment to Affordability and a Quality Christian Education

DC offers a rigorous college preparatory education that is distinctly Christian. We educate the whole student to make a meaningful impact on the world through biblical thought and action.

Our students receive an education that offers:

  • Comprehensive and challenging courses of study that spark a life-long love of learning and development of critical thinking skills.
  • Extracurricular opportunities--in Athletics, the Arts, STEM, and more--that encourage personal growth, risk taking, and individual contributions to a larger common good.
  • Preparation for academic success in college and vocation.
  • Updated and beautiful campuses, designed to support serious scholarship for the members of our diverse and caring community.
  • Highly trained faculty and staff who are invested in their students' lives. Intentional mentor relationships help your child develop a Christian worldview and equip them to make a difference for Christ in the world.

2021-2022 Tuition Schedule

We strive to make a DC education accessible for as many families as possible. Many families opt to complete a confidential online application with FACTS. This independent third party administrator determines financial aid eligibility based on a family’s individual financial profile.

  1. Select the Grant Application option in FACTS to apply.
  2. Applications received prior to April 15 will receive priority consideration.
  3. Contact the Business Office at 610.353.6522 x2204 for additional information.

Lower School, Middle School, Upper School
Grades 1-12

Upper School
Grades 9-12

Middle School
Grades 6-8
Lower School  
Grade 5 $14,949
Grade 4 $14,278
Grade 3 $13,508
Grade 2 $12,727
Grade 1 $11,957

Early Childhood Center
Grades PK2, PK3, PK4, K

Full-Day $9,889
Half Day $5,698
PK4 (4 Yr Old)  
5 Full-Day $7,524
5 Half-Day $5,071
3 Full-Day (M,W,F) $4,466
3 Half-Day (M,W,F) $3,311
2 Full-Day (T,Th) $3,146
2 Half-Day (T,Th) $2,409
PK3, PK2 (3 & 2 Yr Olds)   
5 Full-Day $7,007
5 Half-Day $4,752
3 Full (M,W,F) $4,202
3 Half (M,W,F) $3,091
2 Full (T,Th) $2,970
2 Half (T,Th) $2,266

If you have further questions, please contact DC's Admissions Office at 610-353-6522 x2285 or

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Contact Information

Anne Goneau
Associate Director of Enrollment
610-353-6522 x2211

Nancy Campbell
Assistant Director of Enrollment
610-353-6522 x2286

Arlene Warmhold
Assistant Director of Enrollment/Director of International Students
610-353-6522 x2252

Louisa Thompson
Admissions Assistant
610-353-6522 x2285