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Delaware County Christian School (DC) began a relationship with our global community when we launched our international student program over 20 years ago. DC continues to welcome applicants from around the world who desire a college-preparatory education in grades 6-12. We invite a limited number of international students to learn, study, and share life in the hospitality and security of an American, Christian home. We value the diversity that international students bring to our community, and we actively seek to promote understanding among cultures in the classroom and in the world.

Our goal is to be an effective educational instrument that develops students to their fullest potential. We are pleased to offer a rigorous academic curriculum that upholds God’s central place in all of life. Students from South Korea, China, Croatia, Nigeria, Brazil, Japan and Costa Rica have become DC Knights, graduating and continuing their education at American universities.

Questions? Please contact DC's International Student Programs Office at or 610-353-6522 x2283.

Definition of an International Student

DC is an F-1 approved school. An International Student is any student who fits one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Needs an I-20 for admission to the United States.
  2. Requires placement in the homestay program.

Admission Procedure

Following is the procedure for completing the enrollment process at DC:

  1. The applicant must complete DC’s online International Student Application. The following are also required to complete the applicant’s file:
  • $400 non-refundable application fee
  • TOEFL (grades 10-12) or TOEFL Jr. (grades 7-9) report
  • Transcript from past and current school year
  • Recommendations from English and Math Teachers
  • Personal Statement (must be written by the applicant)
  • Passport
  • Evidence of Financial Responsibility
  1. The ISP Director will conduct a SKYPE interview with the applicant to assess English language proficiency.
  2. The ISP Director will submit the applicant’s file, along with a written recommendation, to the Head of Upper and Middle Schools. The school will issue a letter stating the official admission decision.
  3. To secure the student’s position in class, the parents must sign an Enrollment Agreement and remit a $1600 non-refundable Enrollment Fee.
  4. Upon receipt of the Enrollment Agreement and Fee, the school will issue an I-20, which must be presented to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in order to obtain an F-1 visa.

Enrollment Terms and Conditions

  • It is assumed that all new students in grades 6-10 will need ELL instruction. Students who do not wish to participate in the ESL program may be excused only if testing and teacher feedback supports the decision.
  • New students must participate in a summer orientation during the month of August.
  • All homestays (other than parents) must be vetted and approved in advance by the ISP Director.

Application Deadline

International admission is considered on a rolling basis. Preference is given to students who apply early, but applications will be accepted as long as space remains available. Generally, admissions closes by April each year.

Admission Requirements

We do not have a minimum TOEFL score for acceptance. However, listed below are the average scores of students who have demonstrated success in our program.

Grades 7-8 TOEFL Jr. > 750
Grade 9 TOEFL Jr. > 780
Grade 10 TOEFL > 78
Grade 11 TOEFL > 80
Grade 12 TOEFL > 80; must complete grade 11 in an English-speaking school

2019-2020 Fee Schedule

2019-2020 FEE SCHEDULE
First Year Only

Application Fee - $400.00
A one-time non-refundable application fee of $400.00 per family. Please submit this fee with your application.

Enrollment Fee - $1,600.00
A one-time non-refundable fee of $1,600.00 will be assessed to complete the I-20 process (transfer or to issue). Payment must be received before the I-20 is issued.

Middle School (6th-8th) $26,405.00
Upper School (9th-12th) $26,770.00

Tuition and fees are non-refundable for missed classes due to absenteeism, illness, injuries, vacation, school closings due to inclement weather or acts of God, early withdrawal or disciplinary dismissal.

Tuition includes:

  • Academically challenging classes, including Honors and AP.
  • Academic support and advising
  • ESL instruction for non-proficient students
  • Subject-specific tutoring through Student Support Services
  • Guidance and support through the university application process
  • Use of a personally-issued DC Chromebook
  • Internship and Service Project opportunities
  • Homestay placement and supervision with caring, DC community families
  • Medical insurance (11-month coverage)
  • Access to all of DC’s clubs and activities, including athletic, music, drama, leadership, robotics, and more
  • International Student Fee

ESL Intensive Summer Program - $1,600.00
All new students are required to attend our week long ESL Intensive Summer Program.

Homestay Fee - $12,000.00
There are two payment plan options:

Biannual Payments: 
August 15, 2019
January 15, 2020

Triannual Payments:
August 15, 2019
October 15, 2019
January 15, 2020

Homestay fees are paid directly to the host family. Any payment arrangement other than the options listed above, is at the discretion of the international parent. Keep in mind that, in the unlikely event of a homestay change during the academic year, the international parent will be responsible for payment to the new homestay.

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upper campus mansion