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All we do, teach and learn is rooted in Christ. Join our vibrant community in a transformative journey of faith and rigorous pursuit of knowledge.

We educate students in God's truth.

We teach by example.

We create an exciting joy of learning.

We celebrate and develop all of our God-given gifts and talents.

We strive for academic excellence.

We partner between school, home, and church.

Delaware County Christian School is a non-denominational Christian school that is committed to educating students who will serve God and impact the world through Biblical thought and action. Our mission guides our curriculum as we seek to help students develop a biblical worldview while experiencing the integration of faith and learning in various disciplines of study.

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As an older parent with grown children, my advice to younger families would be to put their children in situations where Christian role models will interact with them on a daily basis, where God’s word is integrated into their lives on a daily basis, where failure is seen as a primary step to change, and where the world is seen as a created place that we can navigate through honest observation, truth seeking, and precision of method.

- DC Parent

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