Class Reunions:

Upcoming reunions being planned for 2019: Classes 1959, 1969, 1974, 1979. 1989, 1999, 2004, 2009, and 2014. The Class of 1970 is scheduled to host their 50th reunion in July of 2020. Details for these reunions will be shared on this page as they become available. 

Want to help plan your class reunion? We can help! Reconnect, reminisce and create new memories. Contact the Alumni Office at or 610-353-6522 x2381. Or contact your Class Representative to plan your upcoming reunion event.

Reunion Details:

The Class of 1959 is looking to connect with classmates and plan their 60th reunion. Contact the Alumni Office at 610-353-6522 to connect with reunion organizers.

The Class of 1969 has scheduled their 50th reunion for Homecoming Weekend, October 11 & 12. Contact Steve Smyth at

The Class of 1970 will hold their 50th reunion July 24 & 25, 2020. Curt Eldredge is organizing. 

The Class of 1989 will host their 30th reunion at La Cabra Brewing on Saturday, October 12 during Homecoming Weekend. Email Kim Tanis O'Bryan at for details.

The Class of 1999 has begun plans to celebrate the class' 20th reunion on Saturday, November 30 during Thanksgiving weekend. Check back here soon for more information.

The Class of 2004 will gather October 12 for their 15th reunion. Email for more information or check in with us in the Alumni Office. 

The Class of 2009 has scheduled their 10th reunion for Saturday, December 28. Stay tuned here and on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. 

The Class of 2014 is busy planning their 5th reunion to be celebrated October 12 as part of the Homecoming Celebrations. More information is coming soon and will be posted on this page. 

Celebrated Reunions

Class of 1958 - 60th

DC's inaugural graduating class, the Class of 1958, celebrated their 60-year reunion July 13, 2018. Four of the eight class members attended as well as several of their faculty. All enjoyed a wonderful time of reminiscing and fellowship. Pictured are: standing left to right - Dan Hussar, Sue Hussar, Randy Kraftson, Dorothy Wolfe Rivers, Jane Bircher Jackson, Paul Jackson; seated left to right - Bud Gray, Gwen Gray, Nancy Jacobson, Peg Lowrie, Alex Szucs.

Class of 1963 - 51st

The Class of 1963 celebrated their 51st class reunion on Friday, July 11, 2014 at the home of Robin Harshaw in Newtown Square. They enjoyed delicious hors d'oreuvres as the greeted each other for several hours, then enjoyed a fabulous catered buffet. They laughed while answering trivia questions that were submitted by many, followed by "five minutes for 50 years" as they took turns telling the twists and turns of their lives, both secular and in Christ. Their time was interspersed with bio's sent and read from classmates who were unable to attend the reunion.

Class of 1964 - 50th

The Class of 1964 celebrated their 50th class reunion during the weekend of May 2-4 at the Doubletree in Valley Forge. Organized by Donna Younglove, the class spent the evening together over dinner in a private dining room at the Doubletree. It was WONDERFUL and enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Class of 1968 - 50th


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Celebrating their 50th reunion, the Class of 1968 gathered together on June 2nd  at Charlotte's Restaurant in Newtown Square. And many joined in at Commencement 2018, including speaker Steve Dill.

Class of 1970 - 45th

The Class of 1970 celebrated their 45th reunion on Saturday, July 11, 2015. One third of the class of 1970 enjoyed a backyard barbecue at the home of Curt and Darla Eldredge. The food was great. The main ingredient was laughter. The most inspirational guest was Christie Birx, the daughter of Don and Linda Birx. Christie is a very special person. “We didn’t wrap up until we sketched out our 50th reunion plans. If all goes well, Susan (Martindale) Lewis and her husband Vern will be hosting our reunion on their 58 foot Hatteras motor yacht. It’s moored in New Hampshire. Class of ’70 – mark your calendars for the summer of 2020!” 

Class of 1973 - 45th

The Class of 1973 made a weekend out of celebrating their 45th reunion. These classmates had a great turnout as they gathered during Homecoming Weekend October 12 & 13. Their first stop was at La Cabra Brewery on Friday night and then on to Charlotte's Restaurant Saturday evening for dinner. One classmate even joined in by video call from Dallas. They also came back to campus and enjoyed a tour of the school on Saturday. 

Class of 1974 - 40th

The Class of 1974 celebrated their 40th class reunion on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Ship Inn in Exton, PA. Previous teachers who joined the reunion were Mr. Bud and Gwen Gray, Mr. David Boorse and his wife, and Dr. Mary Ellen Bough Briscoe. 

Class of 1975 - 40th

The Class of 1975 enjoyed their 40th reunion on October 17th in the Great Hall on campus. Highlights of the evening included some time with Head of School Tim Wiens and some current DC students who happened by the Great Hall after the homecoming dance that took place on campus the same evening. Susan Whartnaby Ashworth writes “We fed a dozen or so current students who were leaving from the dance and they seemed to enjoy themselves. I told them that forty plus years from now THEY will be the ones having their reunion, and could welcome DC’s current students to share their pizza.”

Class of 1978 - 40th

The Desmond Hotel in Malvern was the site of the Class of 1978's 40th reunion October 13 during Homecoming Weekend 2018. Friends came from near and far to celebrate, renew connections and to visit their old stomping grounds with a tour of the Upper Campus on Saturday afternoon. 

Class of 1985 - 30th

The Class of 1985 celebrated their 30th reunion during Homecoming Weekend at the home of Jeffrey ’83 and Leslie Tanis Pott ’85 in Media. Head of School Tim Wiens stopped by to speak briefly about some new initiatives at DC. Leslie noted “What I enjoyed about the event is even though we have all taken different paths in life, everyone truly enjoyed catching up and hearing about each other’s life decisions. It was pure joy to see how we have all grown up.”

Class of 1988 - 30th

La Cabra Brewery was the site of the Class of 1988's 30th reunion October 13. These classmates came together to reconnect with one another and to honor classmate Craig Tucker who passed away earlier this year.  As part of their reunion the Class of 1988 made a donation to DC in memorial of Craig. It was great to see many from the class at Friday's Homecoming festivities and also back on campus for school tour on Saturday afternoon.

Class of 1989 - 25th

The Class of 1989 celebrated their 25th class reunion at Trattoria Giuseppe on November 29, 2014. They had a great time updating each other on their work and families while sharing what they know of other alumni who were not present. After dinner a group went to Adam Sacks' home for relaxed, story-telling and laughing moments. Who knew that one of our classmates was in a family singing group with his siblings called "Children of Truth" and discovering that our 40s is the perfect age. In sharing our lives, we admitted that we all had insecurities and experienced embarrassing moments back in high school. It was a great time to be real with one another and to realize that as time passes our friendships are still strong.

Class of 1993 - 20th

The Class of 1993 had a great time getting together for their 20 year reunion on March 29, 2014. They enjoyed catching up on what God has been doing in each of their lives and seeing the children that he has blessed them with. They appreciated the hospitality of Dan and Sue Hussar, as they met in their home and had plenty of space for mingling and room for kids to play. 

Class of 1994 - 25th

Class of 1994

The Class of 1994 celebrated their 25th class reunion at La Cabra in Berwyn, PA on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. These classmates and spouses came together to celebrate once again their shared DC heritage and catch up on where they are today. The night flew by! Hope to see you and yours at the big 30th reunion in 2024! 

Class of 1995 - 20th

Twenty members from the Class of 1995 enjoyed their 20th reunion at Trattoria Giuseppe in Edgmont, which was the perfect atmosphere for an evening filled with fine food and fellowship as classmates recalled many humorous moments from their school days.

Class of 1998 - 20th

The Class of 1998 celebrated their 20th reunion on November 24th, 2018. The festivities were held at Iron Hill Restaurant in Media. Stay in the know about future reunion news through the Class Facebook page at
Front (LR): Stephanie Steiner Nicholson, Kristy Cook Kaptur, Kathryn Proto Rash, Ashleigh Hegedus Rohm, Kimberly Lang Taliercio, Mary O'Hanian Hand, Shannon Sines Swankoski, Tamara Bard Ordini, James Darley
Back (LR): Josh Kaptur, Shakela Mills-Strawberry, Seth Darnell, Chad Weldon, Elizabeth Thompson, Keith Jackson

Class of 2000 - 15th

In the true spirit of homecoming, members of the Class of 2000 gathered on Oct. 17th at Teca in Newtown Square. A great time was had by all and attendees enjoyed the company of “reunion regulars” as well as those who have not been able to attend in the past. The class is looking forward to getting together again in five years if not before.

Class of 2003 -15th

The Class of 2003 held their 15th reunion over Thanksgiving weekend. The class had a great time at the Conshohocken Brewing Company in Bridgeport visiting and reminiscing with one another. 
Front (LR):
Meredith Habbershon Nastasi, Suzy Curtis, Becky Palmer, Tom Palmer
Back (LR): Laura Glah Bradbury, Dora Phan, Jill Kullman, Priscilla Edward's, Jim Palmer, Jamie Calderwood, Cort Goodnow, Christa Rossi, Heather Perot, Jeremy Johnson

Class of 2004 - 10th

The Class of 2004 met on Saturday, November 29th, 2014 at McKenzie's Brew House in Chadds Ford. They had 31 people in attendance, 18 of which were graduates. They had a great time catching up with each other, sharing about their growing famiilies and careers. They all look forward to seeing each other soon.

Class of 2009 - 5th

The Class of 2009 celebrated their 5th year reunion at Barnaby's in West Chester on December 26th, 2014.

Class of 2010 - 5th

The Class of 2010 reunited on Dec. 26, 2015 at The Landmark Americana in West Chester, where former class president Nick Mascioli warmly welcomed approximately 35 class members to their first official reunion. Classmate Courtney Gambrell notes “Most discussions were sparked by inquiring: “How have you been? Answers to this question included narratives about degree completion, deliberation about employment, updates on engagements and marriages, as well as life in general in our post high school graduation years. It was amazing to reconnect with one another and witness how the Lord has allowed us to grow.”

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