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Upper School

Upper School theatre classes are taught in a four tier Upper School curriculum that allows students to take progressive theatre courses annually. As a God-given gift, drama invites us to explore and enjoy life. Student skill base is built upon in text analysis, script writing, characterization and mask work. Each fall, the "DC Players" present two student directed one act plays, frequently debuting original student written work. Each spring the Upper School musical production involves almost 25% of the Upper School student body.

Productions have included among many others Fiddler on the Roof, The Sound of Music and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Yearly evaluation by the CAPPIE organization has seen many annual nominations and amazingly at least one award winner per year. There are many supplementary performances throughout the year including those in chapel. Theatre at DC provokes thought, moving to introspection as we evaluate ourselves and the world in which we live.

CAPPIE Nominations and Awards

2019 - Hello Dolly!

    Best Musical (nominated)
    Best Female Vocalist- Jordan Thompson (won)
    Comic Actor in a Musical- Jake Halladay (nominated)
    Supporting Actor in a Musical- Ben Doctor (nominated)
    Stage Management- Caleb Goneau and Cayley Serfass (nominated)
    Sets- Adelia Elliott and Crew (won)
    Stage Crew (won)
    Dance Ensemble (nominated)

2018 - Little Women

    Musical (nominated)
    Song- “Here Alone” (won)
    Lead Actress in a Musical- Lauren Hackett (nominated)
    Female Vocalist- Jordan Thompson (won)
    Ensemble in a Musical- The March Sisters (nominated)
    Marketing and Publicity- (nominated)
    Costumes- (nominated)
    Sets- (nominated)
    Stage Management and Crew- Faith Warmhold and Caleb Chung, DC Tech Crew (nominated)

2017 - The Little Mermaid 

    Supporting Actress in a Musical- Jordan Thompson (won)

2016 - Mary Poppins

    Outstanding 11th Grade Critic- Molly Harnish (nominated)
    Sets- Caleb Goneau, Kieran Thompson, Madi Rhine, Ian Myers (won)
    Featured Actress in a Musical- Abigail Simbiri (nominated)
    Female Vocalist- Maya Neal (won)
    Lead Actress in a Musical- Maya Neal (nominated)
    Musical (nominated)

2015 - Thoroughly Modern Millie

    Ensemble in a Musical- Bun Foo, Ching Ho (nominated)
    Featured Actor in a Musical- Micah Skinner (nominated)
    Comic Actress in a Musical- Esther Ahn (nominated)
    Comic Actor in a Musical- Steve Hanson (nominated)
    Supporting Actress in a Musical- Morgan Broome (nominated)
    Outstanding 9th/10th Grade Critic- Joy Ashford and Molly Harnish (nominated)

2014 - Seussical

    Outstanding Critic Team (nominated)
    Make-up- Dayu Ouyang, Ashlyn Griest, Jin Jun, Tab Mulholland (won)
    Featured Dancer-Morgan Ellis (nominated)
    Female Vocalist- Eunice Lee (nominated)
    Comic Actress in a Musical- Talli Gorbey (nominated)
    Comic Actor in a Musical- Alex Payne (nominated)
    Lead Actor in a Musical- Jon Lees (nominated)

2013 - The Sound of Music

    Senior Male Critic- Bradley Warmhold (nominated)
    Sets- Kate Kempf, Rachel Wynne, Trevor Stephens, Cole Smith (nominated)
    Stage Crew- Zach Ellis, Monica Olshefsky, Jack Currie, Tissa Toukou (nominated)
    Ensemble in a Musical- The Nuns (nominated)
    Female Vocalist- Becca Hughs (won)
    Song- “Climb Every Mountain” (nominated)

2012 - A Christmas Carol

    Marketing and Publicity- Ian Botes and Daniel Gorbey (nominated)
    Sets- Ian Botes, Anna Chovanes, Sarah Haines, Matt Stirparo (nominated)
    Make-up- Amy Eichling, Kelsey Griest, Haley Newman (nominated)
    Featured Actress in a Musical- Rachek Anstatt
    Female Vocalist- Alex Morra (won)
    Male Vocalist- Jordan Anstatt (nominated)
    Lead Actress in a Musical- Becca Hughes (nominated)

2011 - Beauty and the Beast

    Senior Male Critic- Ryan Miller and Daniel Phillips (nominated)
    Sets- Daniel Gorby, Michael Kyne (won)
    Make-up- Rose Rice, Brittany See, Abby Simmons, Caroline Tyler (nominated)
    Props & Effects- James Kurtz (nominated)
    Choreography- Hannah LoRosso (nominated)
    Female Vocalist- Charis Haugen (nominated)
    Comic Actress in a Musical- Hannah LoRosso (nominated)
    Comic Actor in a Musical- Ethan Mitchell (won)
    Supporting Actress in a Musical- Becca Hughes (nominated)

2010 - Fiddler on the Roof

    Senior Male Critic- Issac Skinner (nominated)
    Sound- Stephen Botes, Max Dubyk (nominated)
    Sets- Hannah LoRosso, John Currie, Max Dubyk, Monica Olshefsky (nominated)
    Ensemble in a Musical- Russion Bottle Dancers (nominated)
    Comic Actress in a Musical- Bethany Ingraham (nominated)
    Supporting Actress in a Musical- Jo Evans (nominated)
    Lead Actress in a Musical- Sasha Dubyk (nominated)
    Lead Actor in a Musical- Issac Skinner (nominated)
    Musical (nominated)

2009 - Annie

    Senior Male Critic- Jack Newman (nominated)
    Critic Team (nominated)
    Sound- Dave Bird, Efram Harkins, Caleb Olshefsky (nominated)
    Sets- Jo Kinney, Issac Williams, James Comenzo, Lori Johnson (nominated)
    Make-up- Kristen Murphy, Soli Choi, Vicky Morra, Kirsten Miller (nominated)
    Choreography- Julie Baratta, Heather Wise (won)
    Featured Actor in a Musical- Ethan Mitchell (nominated)

2008 - The Music Man

    Underclassman Male Critic- Jack Newman (won)
    Sets- Philip Henry, Kelsey Miller, Caleb Olshefsky (nominated)
    Choreography- Julie Baratta, Laura Briggs, Melissa DiCesare (nominated)
    Male Dancer- Mario Canavarro (nominated)
    Comic Actress in a Musical- Jo Evans (nominated)

2007- Nicholas Nickleby

    Underclassman Male Critic- Danny Langford (nominated)
    Lighting- Lori Johnson (nominated)
    Sets- Mike MiCanzio, Ethan Freeman, Rich Gordon, Travis Thomas (nominated)
    Make-up- Elisha Chernoff, Nancy Gladfelter, Katie Halsey, Dru Koren (nominated)
    Stage Crew- Ethan Freeman (nominated)
    Ensemble in a Play- The Acting Troupe (nominated)
    Comic Actress in a Play- Jo Evans (won)
    Comic Actor in a Play- Daniel Langford (nominated)
    Featured Actress in a Play- Annagrace Martin (nominated)
    Play (nominated)

Middle School

Middle School makes way for theatre classes on each grade level and the annual middle school play each fall. Classes hone in on skills like public speaking, improvisation and creating original scenes that reveal the sufferings and joys of others. Empathy through the creative medium of story telling reveals our need for a Savior. The large scale show in the fall traditionally incorporates 7th and 8th grade students. They are supported backstage by Upper School students. Productions have included Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Holes and James and the Giant Peach and are performed in the state-of-the-art auditorium, with 550 seats.

Middle School Theatre presents The Wizard of Oz | November 2018
Middle School Theatre presents The Snow White Variety Show | November 2017
Middle School Theatre presents Goldilocks on Trial | November 2016
Middle School Theatre presents The Secret Garden | November 2015
Middle School Drama presents James & the Giant Peach | November 2014
Middle School Theatre presents Pinocchio | November 2012
Middle School Theatre presents The Wizard of Oz | February 2012
Middle School Theatre presents Cheaper By the Dozen | November 2010
Middle School Theatre presents Peter Pan & Wendy | November 2009
Middle School Theatre presents The Lion, the Witch and the Wardroe | November 2008

Lower School

Lower School students are offered a variety of opportunities to present and perform for their peers. In small classroom plays, students learn to step beyond their own experience as they develop characterizations, and bring literature to life. In weekly chapels, they combine storytelling and music to delight and inform their peers. This develops tremendous poise and focus. In all of these formative experiences, a performance is not an end product, but a step forward in developing presence.

Each Christmas an original dramatic musical performance is presented by three of the grades and toward the end of the year the 5th grade class stages a mainstage show at the upper campus.