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Indoor Track Season Review: On Track to Success

Indoor Track Season Review: On Track to Success

By: Asher Pitofsky

The DC indoor track team, despite not being the largest team at the school, still had an amazing season. While enjoying the journey, all participants further cultivated their skills and abilities under the tutelage of Head Coach “Doc” McFarland and Assistant Coach Lloyd Hill.

Even though the sport of track and field tends to emphasize individual performances, there is no doubt that this team has formed a strong communal bond. As sophomore MJ Oh puts it, “The community is very tight as we have a small team. Having a small team allows for closer relationships and is fun to get to know everyone more.” 

MJ, normally a sprinter, was prohibited from running due to injuries. As he explains, though, “It was as good as it could have been without running. I kind of just ‘coached’ the sprinters.” A long-distance runner, junior Grant Mast agrees with MJ about the feeling of community on the team, saying that the bond they have all formed is “Very encouraging. Everyone is kind and respectful to each other.”

Most of the members of the indoor track team are also participants in DC’s outdoor track team, a spring sport which is significantly larger. According to junior Joey Cuozzo, who runs the 800 meter, “The difference between outdoor and indoor track is that a lap in indoor track is 200 meters, while outdoor is 400 meters. It is also a lot harder to breathe inside.”  Many team members agree with Joey’s assessment, as indoor track venues tend to be more packed with participants. Regardless of these difficulties, the participants still love the sport and are continuously grateful for the opportunity to participate in those events. 

Joey, who was awarded “Most Improved,” remarked, “Over the season we grew stronger on the track and as a team.” Expanding on his point, MJ concurred, stating, “The team has grown over time not just in relationships but also in our skills as we work together.” 

As the season progressed, consistent improvement was evident in all of the participants. Seniors Marielle Clayton, Makiyah Keys, and CJ Simbiri qualified for the Meet of Champions in Lehigh. The two girls both won top performer awards for the season. Following this major event, CJ continued to progress until he made it all the way to Nike Indoor Nationals.
Much of this success may be accredited to the work of Coach Hill, who stated, “With a team this close-knit that has been competing with each other for a long time, they have grown together as a community and encouraged each other and pushed each other to always be better and compete to the best of their ability.”