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Performance Training

The strength and conditioning staff will enhance each individual student-athlete's athletic potential by increasing the athlete's strength, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning and explosiveness which are all important components in developing a highly-skilled athlete.

The primary goal of the performance training program is to minimize risk of injury by preparing all athletes for the demands of competition. It also strives to improve the performance capabilities of each athlete which contributes to the success of each team. This is accomplished through consistent training that challenges each athlete mentally and physically.

We strive to...

  • Teach proper form and technique.
  • Train athletes to reach their full potential for the honor and glory of Jesus Christ in a safe and fun environment.
  • Test the athlete’s progress through 8 week training sessions.
  • Transform each athlete’s mind, body, and spirit into a Champion 4 Christ.


  • Injury prevention / faster return to play
  • Concussion prevention
  • Performance enhancement (strength, speed, agility)
  • Character development

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Contact Information

Kevin Wallace
Athletic Director
610-353-6522 x2251

Teelah Grimes
Assistant Athletic Director
610-353-6522 x2721

Nancy Homan
Transportation/Facilities Rental
610-353-6522 x2206

Robert Herrick
Head Strength Coach

Kylie McCusker
Athletic Trainer