DC Middle School Choirs: Sixth Grade Choir, Girls Choir and Boys Choir.

Sixth Grade Choir students begin to discover how their bodies and minds were created by God to sing. Areas of focus include vocal technique, team work, identification and performance of basic rhythmic patterns, singing contrasting lines, and singing in 2-part harmony. 6th graders experience history and learn to embrace other cultures by performing repertoire from various eras, languages and styles.

DC Middle School Girls Choir and Boys Choir are comprised of 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, building on skills learned in Sixth Grade Choir. Both Choirs read and perform more complex rhythms, melodies and harmonies, and further develop vocal and choral technique. By studying carefully chosen quality repertoire, DC’s Middle school choirs learn to sing with expression, confidence, style, and purpose. Both choirs annually compete at Music in the Parks competition where they consistently receive first place and superior ratings. As the 2013 winners of the B101 radio contest, the DC Girls Choir performed live on the radio and at the Kimmel Center Philly Pops Concert.