DC’s Upper School choral students expand on the skills developed in Middle School, singing more demanding choral literature with proper vocal technique and deeper understanding of music interpretation.

Vocal Workshop, DC’s training choir, is comprised of freshmen and sophomores who will work on vocal technique, improving tone, sight singing, ear training and basic music theory. Vocal Workshop prepares prospective students for Concert Choir auditions. Vocal Workshop performs with Concert Choir at Christmas and Spring Concerts.

Concert Choir (an auditioned large choir) and Knight Tones (an auditioned elite chamber ensemble) are DC’s performance Choirs. Both choirs tour each spring, sharing quality choral music in churches and schools across the northeastern and southeastern US and Canada. DC’s Choirs sharpen their skills by participating in choral workshops on college campuses as well as competitions such as Music in the Parks and Festival Disney. Performance venues include The Basilique De Notre Dame in Montreal QC, the Kimmel Center at the Philly Pops Concert, the Philadelphia Phillies Game, the historic Tenth Presbyterian and other local churches in the greater Philadelphia area.

Knight Tones have toured in Montreal Canada, Vienna Austria, and Leipzig Germany, and were the featured high school choir at the Academy of Music Ball promenade in Philadelphia. In addition to sharing music at community nursing homes and churches, Knight Tones are called upon to perform for DC’s distinguished guests at school functions. Both Concert Choir and Knight Tones perform at Christmas Concerts, Spring Concerts and All School Chapels.