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The Golden Knights 50th Class Reunion 

by Ms. JK Williams ('67)

How does one put into words what is felt, seen, heard, and experienced in a 48 hour reunion of classmates who have not seen each other for 50 years? Where does one begin to describe such an event as a 50th reunion? NO WORDS can express it!

The planning for this began over a year ago when three of the girls from the class starting researching and contacting the other class members. Several meetings were held to discuss the particulars of the event, and through the process a fourth classmate joined them in the final stages of planning. The class of 1967 had 21 members and the reunion committee was able to find everyone except two people. 

It was decided to have a two day gathering on June 23 & 24, 2017 to be held at Concordville Inn located in Glen Mills PA. It began with a "Meet & Greet" on Friday evening for everyone to get together and informally get re-acquainted. The atmosphere was upbeat and fun. Stories about what each person had done throughout the years, as well as, what was happening in their lives presently was the flavor for the evening.

On Saturday, a guided tour of the DC school buildings was provided by the Director of Admissions, Joel Schuster. The Head of School, Dr. Timothy Wiens, met the group as they entered the Great Hall of the Lowrie building. During the school visit, the class presented a financial gift to Dr. Wiens in honor of their 50th reunion. A special highlight was when the class members sang two songs acapella in the Great Hall. It was amazing! 

Touring the mansion building, which was the main classroom area for this group, was fun and full of memories. One distinct memory centered in the current school office. As each one walked in that room they remarked about sitting at their desk when Mr. Bud Gray came in and told them that President John F. Kennedy was dead. That memory touched every person and was still vivid in their minds when back in that room. Seeing the other buildings on the property, as well as touring the elementary school campus, concluded the school visit.

A banquet at Concordville Inn on Saturday evening was the final activity for the group. The food was superb. The fellowship was fun. Classmates stood up and shared personally about people from the class or teachers that had impacted their lives. There was memorabilia from the 1960's as well as background music from that era. All of the DCCS yearbooks from the first one through 12th grade were displayed along with graduation pictures of each classmate. A quiz about things that happened while they were students jogged everyone's memory about their school years.

Informal interaction between teachers and students was invaluable. Mr. David Boorse and his wife, Gwen, came for the entire weekend. Mr. Alex Szucs, Mr. Jim DeVries, and Mr. Bud Gray and his wife, Gwen, came to the banquet on Saturday evening. Totally unplanned was the request for Mr. Gray to lead the class in acapella singing of the song, "The Lord Bless You and Keep You", by Peter C. Lutkin. It was a powerful moment in the evening! A power point that reviewed all of the teachers, activities: senior retreat, senior trip, various clubs, and many other fun memories brought the evening to a close.

The reactions and responses from every person present were overwhelming. What a tremendous weekend of memories! As was written at the beginning, NO WORDS can ever express the joy and splendor of the interactions and closeness that was experienced by the class members of 1967. Happy 50th to all of you! 

The Class of 1967. Standing L to R: Jay Mancini, Carol Webb Benge, Marilyn Martin Darity, Wilma Alessi Anders, Bill Pennington, George Cochran, Mr. David Boorse, Russell Kent, Jim Winters. Seated L to R: Ruth Ann Hofmann Anderson, Mary Evelyn Stott Magner, Lucy Bartkow Malmberg, Jim Shade, JK Williams.

Reminiscing in front of the iconic mansion door.

Presenting the "Class of 1967 Scholarship Fund" to Head of School, Dr. Wiens.


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