Our DC Servicemen and Women

DC Alumni who served or are serving in the United States Armed Forces...

Rod Schultze ’65 – Coast Guard

Tom Eldredge ’66 - Army

Bruce Anderson ’70 - Army

David Smith ’75 – Navy

Ron Evans ’78 - Navy

Tom Little ’80 - Army

David Becker ’83 - Army

Joseph March ex ’83 - Navy

Robert Samuelsen ex ’84 - Army

David Caldwell ’88 – Army

John Wilkens III ’89 – Navy

Sam Kinch ’91 – Army, Air Force

Chad Montgomery ’93 – Air Force

Shane Steiner ’95 – Air Force

Amy (Kinch) Grothe ’95 - Army

Jason Willey ’97 – Air Force

Charles “Kip” Patterson ’97 - Army

Brian Gelzhiser ’99 – Air Force

Jonathan Norquist ‘99 - Army

Nathan Clauer ’00 – Marines

Charlie Dey ’00 – Air Force

David Painter ’01 – Air National Guard

Christopher Rossi ’01 – Army

Daniel Selke ’01 - Navy

Nathan Witmer '02 - Army

Paul Anthony '03 - Army

David Struwe ’04 - Army

Steve L’Hommedieu ex ’04 - Marines

Luke O’Brien ’06 – Army

Jed Horne ex ’07 - Army

James Travis Thomas ’07 – Marines

Renee Militello ’07 – Navy (nurse)

We apologize if a name has been omitted from this list. Please contact Kim O'Bryan at kobryan@dccs.org for submission in the next Keynoter publication.
Daniel Selke - Class of 2001
"I recently returned from a 7 month deployment overseas to the Arabian Sea where my strike group was responsible for operation New Dawn (Iraq) and operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan). Early this year our strike group successfully rescued an Iranian vessel from pirates. Over a dozen pirates were detained on board USS John C. Stennis until they could be transferred to the proper authority.Next month I will have completed my service with the United States Navy. I have served 6 years in the service and am currently a Second Class Electronics Technician (ET2). I serve on board USS John C Stennis as a Nuclear Reactor Operator. I am responsible for the safe operation and control of two 550 megawatt reactors."


James Travis Thomas - Class of 2007
James Travis Thomas is a corporal in the Marines, stationed in Afghanistan.

Charles "Kip" Patterson- Class of 1997
Kip Patterson is currently serving in Heidelberg, Germany as a Captain in the US Army, 30th Medical Command, Public Affairs Office.


Charles Dey - Class of 2000
Charles Dey served in the United States Air Force since June 2001.  He is currently a Technical Sergeant.  He participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005. 


Jed Horne - Class of 2007
Jed Horne served in the 101st Airborne division of the Army as an infantryman 14 months in Iraq. He is also currently enlisted in the army reserves. He was honorably discharged two years ago. He and Ashley celebrated their fifth anniversary and have three children. He has been employed as a Correctional Officer Trainee at Graterford Prison beginning in March.


Luke O'Brien - Class of 2006

Luke O'Brien is currently serving in Afghanistan; Arghandab River Valley. He is an armor officer, 1st Lieutenant, platoon leader with unit Calvary. He was deployed in December 2011 to Kandahar, Afghanistan, and will be there until December 2012.  He is in a very dangerous and volatile area, with all the recent events escalating that danger.  He is engaged to Kara Fisher, DC class of '08.

Nathan Witmer - Class of 2002

Nate Witmer is a Captain in the Army.  He was awarded a Bronze Star for his service in Iraq.  Currently, he is in the Army Active Reserves, which means he serves one weekend a month and two weeks during the year.  He works for Johnson & Johnson as a sales representative.  In this capacity, he goes into operating rooms and trains surgeons how to use the surgical equipment.  Once he even taught the interns at John’s Hopkins University how to operate on pigs in the lab.
     Chris Rossi - Class of 2001 
Chris Rossi is a Captain in the Army and a Blackhawk pilot. He is currently deployed to Afghanistan and serving as a company commander (commissioned from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point).
     Chad Montgomery - Class of 1993 

Chad Montgomery is a Captain/Chaplain for the Air Force.  He is stationed in North Carolina.

John Wilkens III - Class of 1989

John Wilkens III served in the US Navy 1990-1994 during Desert Storm/Desert Shield, stationed on a nuclear aircraft carrier - USS George Washington CVN-73.

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May 2012

On behalf of everyone at Delaware County Christian School we want to send a big Thank You to every man and woman serving or having served in all branches of the military throughout the world in defending our freedom. Thank you to our troops who risk their lives every day and also their families for giving up their loved ones to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We truly appreciate your dedication to our great country. Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for the courage and strength you have given to serve and protect the United States of America. Thank you. May the Holy Spirit continually guide you and protect you as you serve in God's name.

Alumnus of the Year 2011-2012

Major Jason P. Willey ’97


It is our privilege to recognize Major Jason P. Willey as the deserving recipient of the 2011/12 Alumnus of the Year Award. He is an outstanding example of the fulfillment of DC’s mission “to impact the world through Biblical thought and action”. Maj. Willey has served 9 years in the United States Air Force progressing through the ranks from an Officer to 2nd Lieutenant to currently a Major. This award will be presented at Commencement on June 8, 2012.

The following is his story...

Upon graduating from DC in June of 1997, with only a brief respite of three weeks, I in-processed as a basic cadet at the United States Air Force Academy. I spent the better part of that summer in a 5-week basic training course designed to immerse recent high school graduates into the life of a military cadet. This training led to the four-year undergraduate program at the same institution. After four years, I graduated with a BS in history from what is known as an engineering school. During those four years, I had the opportunity to hone and refine my follower-ship and leadership skills in preparation of becoming an officer in the Air Force. Since then I have acquired a graduate degree in Leadership and Business Ethics from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

After graduation from the Academy in 2001, I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and had an Undergraduate Pilot Training slot for the following year. Before attending pilot training, I served a brief period in the Academy’s history department. It was during that time that 9/11 occurred. I began the 1-year AF Pilot Training Program at Columbus AFB in Columbus Mississippi in early 2002. In March of 2003, I received my pilot wings and was rewarded with a first assignment to fly C-5 Cargo planes out of Dover AFB, DE.

It was during pilot training, however, that I met, or I should say was reintroduced, to my future wife, Devon Montgomery, a 2000 graduate of DC and the younger sister of my good friend and DC classmate Steven Montgomery. I spent four years flying C-5s at Dover to destinations around the world, principally Iraq. In 2007, I volunteered for a new aircraft and a new location, Las Vegas, NV. Devon and I spent three years in Las Vegas before relocating to build a new AF squadron from the ground up in Missouri. I have now progressed through the ranks and am currently a Major.

From a very young age, I wanted to become an officer in the US military. I grew up with a father in the military and was enamored with history, thanks in large part to my mom. I wanted the experiences found in the history books I was reading. Looking back, I acknowledge that it was God who implanted this desire in my heart out of His sovereign plan for my life. In a twist of irony, I spent my whole life wanting to attend West Point Military Academy but ended up instead at the Air Force Academy. That is a story for another day but looking back, I am grateful that the Lord disrupted MY plans for His. It has been a terrific adventure and I acquired experiences beyond my wildest dreams.

Leading men and women in the military while serving our country has been a rewarding experience. At times it has also proven challenging, especially during certain stressful periods unique to war. Perhaps the greatest challenge is being a light in a largely secular world. I truly believe we are all missionaries no matter where we serve. Cornelius “a devout man who feared God” (Acts 10 1-7) serves as a model soldier for his country and more importantly for God. I always liked this passage as it somewhat relates and speaks to why God placed me where I am today.

DC impacted me in countless ways from the teachers who inspired, to the friends who encouraged and most importantly to the constant attention given to the saving grace afforded us through Christ’s sacrifice. I could never do justice in attempting to fully explain how various teachers sharpened my character for the challenges that were in my future. They all had a role in shaping who I am today along with the many friends I had during that time period. I would like to single out Mr. Caywood (7th, 8th grade) and Dr. McFarland (high school) for ensuring that I would never lose my desire and passion to experience and learn history. One of my post military/business career goals is to return to a classroom to teach history and share my experiences.

While I have many valuable and specific memories I could recall about my days at DC, I simply like to reflect on the simplicity and innocence of those years. It was a time before I was fully exposed to seeing and experiencing the ugly outcomes and affects of a sinful fallen world. The military experiences expose one to the darker realities of our world not obvious on a day-to-day basis. I recall the joys of playing soccer in green and white, or playing freely on the old elementary playground, concert choir trips, the DC Invitational, friends, working maintenance with Mr. Keelan in the summers and of course history classes. The list could go on.

 My faith, a gift from God, has served as the foundation of what I do. It grounds me in truth. Often times, I find myself caught up in the accolades of a military life and the competitive nature it arouses in me. It serves to humble me as does my wife on occasion, which is one of the many reasons I love her. God’s grace is beyond our full understanding. I cannot credit myself or anything else for what I have achieved and for where I am in my career. Each person, in my life has been a gift from the Lord, my parents, DC teachers, friends, mentors and my wife, Devon Montgomery Willey '00. I am truly grateful and humbled. Of course, this is easier said than it is acknowledged on a daily basis. But this is where, with God’s strength, I hope to persevere.

I am an avid reader of history, theology, philosophy and politics. My most important hobbies involve being a husband and father of two wonderful little girls. In the past my wife and I have volunteered with Young Life and other minor church roles. I currently help to lead a Bible study in our immediate community. We also like to travel.


National Day of Prayer
On Thursday, May 3 the DC elementary students and teachers gathered around the flagpole in the chapel to celebrate the National Day of Prayer. Students prayed for those in leadership - our President and Vice President, Governor, pastors, board and administration as well as our teachers. The theme of this year's National Day of Prayer was "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." Psalm 33:12
Our DC Alumni who are actively serving in the military were also lifted in prayer. Our students thank you for your service and pray for your continued safety and leadership.
May we never take for granted our privilege of praying in school!

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