Would you be willing to help the DC Class of 2014?

Please consider joining our Graduate Support Network!

Good Afternoon DC Faculty and Staff –

It’s graduation season, and once again we’re reminded of the amazing part that each of you have played in training up this next generation for Christ.

However, as the class of 2014 transitions to life after high school and into work, college, and adulthood, they will be facing a daunting array of choices and challenges that could certainly have eternal ramifications.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the statistics, but nearly 70% of Christian young people in America today leave the church before they reach their mid-20’s.  Apparently, the most vulnerable time during this process is the year after graduating from high school.

The Graduate Support Network is a new program to follow and support our Christian high school graduates by having faculty members and friend’s parents keep in contact with the students during this pivotal first year.  The idea is to have a familiar and trusted adult mentor, not their own parents, send words of encouragement, pray and be available to coach and council them.  It is our hope that the result of these efforts will be extremely positive!

In our senior survey, we offered the class of 2014 the opportunity to indicate if they would be willing to be part of our new Graduate Support Network.  Here’s what we asked them:

Transitioning to life after high school is an exciting time, but it can also be unsettling,

 difficult, and lonely.  The DC family would love to help you through this transition. 

Would you like to have one of our volunteers hold you up in prayer

and occasionally send you words of encouragement during the next year?

29 of our seniors said yes!  Now we need to find volunteers to cover them. Would you be willing to sponsor a graduate over the next year?  All we ask is that you commit yourself to pray for them, share an occasional note (or text) of encouragement, and maybe even send them a batch of homemade cookies - something to remind them that they are precious in the Lords’ sight, and that we still care… Do not feel obligated to volunteer and possibly feel burdened by this responsibility. We are asking for a volunteer who may feel connected to a particular graduate on this list who desires to encourage and correspond with them throughout this first year.

Below is a list of the students that have requested prayer and support.  Please complete the attached form, noting your preferences, by no later than Monday, June 9th.  You can either e-mail me your results, or print out a copy and leave it in my mailbox in the office.  I intend to reach out to parents of seniors as well, and plan to have all of the Graduate Support Network assignments completed by the end of June. I will let you know then if you have been matched with a particular graduate.

Thank you so much for participating in this project.  If it helps even one student, these efforts will be absolutely worthwhile!


Kim O’Bryan ‘89

DC Alumni Relations Coordinator

 "...By the charity of the spirit, serve one another."  Galatians 5: 13

Your Name: _______________________________

School or personal email address: _____________________________

Please print out a copy of this form, circle the name(s) of your preferences, and leave it in my mailbox by Monday, June 9th. You can also email the information on this form to kobryan@dccs.org. Thank you! 

Rachel Anstatt

Jamie Barr

 Emily Bronkema

Lauren Coury

 Adam Dawes

Drew Darby

 Carley Deger

 Jessie Edelstein

 Aaron Elcock

 Victoria Eppright

 Marcus Evans

 Jaunice Fennal

 Jacqueline Hawkins

Mia Jasinski

LaShawn Johnson-Sydnor

 Ashley Karpiak

 Danielle Kaufman

 Vicki Kravets

 Cheyenne Majeed

 Scott Pendell

Rachael Pope

Matt Rhine

Abby Scott

Cara Sparks

Vann Sutphin

Elena Taylor

Dallas Thompson

Rachel Wilkinson

 Daniel Yeung

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