Letter from the Head of School
Posted 08/22/2013 11:04AM

August 22, 2013

Dear Members of the DC Community:

I write this letter to inform you of an ongoing matter affecting our school community.  The Newtown Police Department has advised us that criminal charges were filed against a former DCCS part-time high school employee, alleging an inappropriate relationship between the former employee and a former DC student.  

In early July, the parents of this former DC student informed the school administration and local law enforcement authorities of a suspected inappropriate association between their child and the former DCCS part-time high school employee.  The information, uncovered by the parents and previously unknown to the school administration, was provided to the Newtown Police Department who launched an investigation and directed the school administration not to share this information with the DCCS community prior to formal charges being filed, so as not to compromise their investigation.

Since then, the DCCS Board and administration have been working closely with the Newtown Police Department to ensure all protocol is followed and all information which we possess is made available.  DCCS has also been conducting its own investigation into this matter in coordination with authorities.  

As I am sure you can appreciate, given the on-going official investigation by authorities, we have been and continue to be limited in our ability to share information with the broader DCCS community.  When there is additional information of which you should be aware, we will communicate that information to you in a timely manner.  DCCS is committed to providing a safe environment for our students and does not tolerate behavior that violates the law or school policy.  I will continue to communicate with the Board concerning this issue and ensure that DCCS and our community is acting legally, ethically, and biblically as we move forward.  

As you consider the words I have written pertaining to this difficult situation, please pray that God will protect everyone involved, that healing will come quickly to all who are involved, that the truth will be told, and that God will be glorified despite the difficulty of this situation. We at DCCS want only the best for all those impacted, especially the student and family.

If you do have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the Head of School, as all communication on this matter will come through my office.  Board members, administration, faculty, and staff are not at liberty to discuss this matter with you or make any statement on behalf of school, as we seek to speak in one voice on the issue.  DCCS is intent on protecting the privacy of the student and family to the best of our ability, despite the public nature of the situation. Likewise, we are intent on following appropriate privacy laws which prohibit discussing this situation in detail.

Above all, please do pray.  We trust in the sovereignty of God and know that all things work together for those who love Him.  While this does not guarantee a life free of pain or struggle, we do know it means He is in control, even in times of difficulty.

Again, thank you for your support of DCCS and our mission to educate students who will serve God and impact the world through biblical thought and action.


Timothy P. Wiens, Ed.D.
Head of School
Delaware County Christian School