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A Letter of Thanks from Senior Soccer Player, Cody Dill

To the DC Community:
In this time of Thanksgiving, we reflect on a great soccer season and how much of an honor it was to represent DC. We want to thank so many people who helped us become the team we are today – state champions!
First, we want to thank Mr. Dixon and Mr. Steinfield for leading a school that places athletics in a larger educational context of intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth.  
We want to thank the athletic department, Mr. Wallace and Miss Grimes for taking care of every detail and thinking of everything (even a police escort!) and for accommodating our every need. You gave us the best opportunity to win. 
We want to thank the teachers and students whose support was overwhelming; it meant so much to us to see fan buses arrive at our games and see so many of you cheer us on.
We want to offer a special thanks to our Lower School friends – you made us feel like celebrities and we’ll never forget you cheering us down your hallways!
We want to thank the entire DC community for always backing us and for showing up and cheering us on all over the state. We couldn’t have done it without you all. Thank you!
Lastly, we want to thank our coaches. Coach Shackleton and Coach Levis – thanks for the hours and hours you poured into us over these last months and years. It was our privilege to play for you. Coach Atkins – you deserve this. Thanks for turning us into leaders and into men of God and thanks for giving us a shadow, a glimpse, and a foretaste of the joy that is to come in Jesus.
With gratitude, 
Cody Dill ‘24, on behalf of the 
The DC Boys Soccer Team