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Reading the Word Together
Reading the Word Together Full Schedule

The way the global Church has grown in its understanding of God’s story is to continually read God’s word throughout the Christian holiday calendar. To that end, we would like to extend an invitation to all of our DC families to join together in an Easter scripture reading the six weeks prior to Easter Sunday in an effort to continue to grow in immersing ourselves in God's story. The missionary, Lesslie Newbigin states, "The way we understand human life depends on what conception we have of the human story. What is the real story of which my life story is a part?" God’s people have historically used the Christian calendar and holidays to communicate God’s story. Only two months ago we celebrated Christ's birth and reminded ourselves to long for His second advent in which his kingdom will be fully established. But we know that in God's story, only Christ's sacrifice of atonement, and conquering of death can secure a position for us to live in His kingdom. That is why the Christian calendar moves from the Christmas holiday and gives way to the humility of Christ's sacrifice on the cross, Good Friday, and the glory of His resurrection on Easter Sunday. The holiday calendar has provided us with a built-in repeated pattern of the story of Scripture so that our lives become intertwined and enmeshed in God's story. As we grow in our understanding of God's story we gain a greater understanding of our own life story. 

Will you commit to joining with your family to read aloud from the Gospels of Mark and John as we continue to be formed by the “capital S-Story” and together continue to grow in appreciation for what God has done to restore his broken creation? 


  • Choose a convenient time to read aloud together with your family.
  • Have everyone that can read participate. 
  • Choose a shared mealtime to read the scriptures together. 
  • Follow along on DC Social Media
  • Share a verse or reflection on DC Social Media each Week

To take a thousand, and ten thousand, decisions to open the Bible today and read more of this story, even if we can’t yet join it all up in our own heads, is to take the next small step toward being the sort of person who, by second nature, will think, pray, act, and even feel in the way appropriate for someone charged with taking that narrative forward. 

-N.T. Wright


Week 1 (March 6-12)
  • Mark 1
  • Mark 2
  • Mark 3
  • Mark 4
Week 4 (March 27-April 2)
  • Mark 13
  • Mark 14
  • Mark 15
  • Mark 16
Week 2 (March 13-19)
  • Mark 5
  • Mark 6
  • Mark 7
  • Mark 8
Week 5 (April 3-9)
  • John 1 & 2
  • John 3 & 4
  • John 5 & 6
  • John 7 & 8
Week 3 (March 20-26)
  • Mark 9
  • Mark 10
  • Mark 11
  • Mark 12
Week 6 (April 10-16)
  • John 9 & 10
  • John 11 & 12
  • John 13 & 14
  • John 15 & 16
  • John 17, 18, & 19
Resurrection Sunday, April 17
John 20 & 21