Middle School SAIL

Schools for Applied and Innovative Learning

The Schools for Applied and Innovative Learning (SAIL) are designed to build on DC’s liberal arts educational framework. SAIL is comprised of three components: The School of Arts, the School of Humanities and Entrepreneurship, and the School of STEM.

As students make their way through our middle school, they will engage in teamwork and be given opportunities to apply what they are learning. All middle school students will take courses that will stretch their intellect as well as their interpersonal skills.

For example, our students are confronted with a mandate to increase their community’s reliance on renewable energy. During this course, they apply their knowledge of physics, mathematics, and environmental science to design cost-effective and energy-efficient wind turbines. Making engineering, financial, environmental, and public relations-related decisions, they learn to balance the many perspectives that have to be considered when solving real problems. These students then present and defend their designs and decisions to a board of engineers, who award the contract to the winning team.

Middle school students at DC will take one of these courses at a time, three per year, meeting for a 90-minute block to allow for them to dig deep into the questions they will be investigating.

MS SAIL Course Descriptions

School for the Arts

6th Grade

Drama as the Education

Students will experience the power of spoken and enacted words in this 7th grade SAIL course. Through a performance assignment, students will collaborate on selecting a topic that can be addressed for a chosen audience, with theatre as the form of education. Students will produce their piece for their chosen audience.

7th Grade

Digital Citizenship

This course is designed to help students develop the ability to think critically, behave safely, and participate responsibly in the digital world. Topics covered include Information Literacy, Copyright and Creative Credit, Digital Footprint & Reputation, Online Safety, Privacy & Security, and Cyberbullying & Digital Drama. Students will demonstrate mastery of topics through a variety of learning activities and creative projects, enabling them to improve their collaborative and communication skills.

8th Grade

Finance Park

This course helps students build a foundation upon which they can make intelligent financial decisions that last a lifetime, including decisions related to income, expenses, savings, and credit. The course also focuses on the biblical lesson of stewardship, defined as 'managing God’s blessings God’s way for God’s glory' and how it pertains to personal financial management.

School for Humanities and Entrepreneurship

6th Grade

Narnian Virtues

 This course explores the biblical foundations and contemporary relevance of Christian virtues. Using C.S. Lewis’ classic work, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, students will develop a vocabulary and framework for cultivating wisdom, love, integrity, self-control, fortitude, and justice to the glory of God. As we explore what Scripture teaches about Christian living in light of the good news of the gospel, each week will focus on a particular virtue or vice featured in the Narnian story. Course activities will includes a self-assessment under parental oversight and other exercises designed to re-enforce the value, importance and implications of character development. The goal is for students to cultivate a God-given zeal for growing in Christian virtue.

7th Grade

Developing Mock Trials

Developing Mock Trials is a course designed to expose 7th graders with the challenge of critical anaylsis, strategic thinking, questioning and listening skills, as well as preparing and organizing materials for oral presentations. Students will engage in rhetoric and the art of persuasion while being exposed to the idea that there are valid differing points of view. They will use literature and historical events as the foundation to prepare and organize mock trials. Each one will be challenged to analyze information presented, express ideas in clear and succinct format, and present themselves appropriately through role playing during the trials as lawyers, witnesses, jurors, bailiffs, and judges.

8th Grade

Causes, Characters, and Innovations of the Civil War

In this course, students will be challenged to experience some of the less-known aspects of the Civil War. As they work in small groups, students will research, analyze, and creatively produce a learning experience in an area of their choice.

School for STEM

6th Grade


This SAIL course is an introduction to robotics. Each pair of students will build a VEX IQ Clawbot and modify the manipulator to overcome two challenges. Through this course, students will also be introduced to the governing ideals of collaborative engineering and will consider the ethical dilemmas that can arise from the use of robots.

7th Grade

Trash Talk - Consumption, Waste, and Stewardship

In this course, students will research and investigate consumption and waste management in their community and learn how it affects society both locally and globally. Hands-on activities will focus on paper, plastics, and food recycling. Discussion will encompass our responsibility, emphasizing the God-given mandate to be engaged stewards of our world. Participants will create and implement an action plan in order to make a difference in their community.

8th Grade

Wind Energy: Engineering, Environment, and Economics

In this course, students will collaborate to engineer a wind turbine and budget their materials during this inquiry, which is based on the simulation that Delaware County is looking to build a wind farm to generate power for our community. The county board wants students to engineer the most effective and efficient wind turbine for their budget. Students will present their findings to the city council in efforts to win the contract.

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