Performance Nutrition


Structure Your Eating Plan

    • Eat every 2 ½ - 3 hours throughout the day (5-6 times a day)
    • When Training, eat a snack (150-500 calories) within an hour prior and a snack (300-800 calories) immediately following.

Establish Your Goals

    • To MAINTAIN Weight: Eat 3 normal-sized meals to contentment and 3 moderate snacks (300-500 calories).
    • To GAIN Weight: Eat 3 large meals to full (not stuffed), and 3 large snacks (≈500-800 calories).
    • To LOSE Weight: Eat 3 smaller meals to the point of not being hungry and 3 small snacks (150-300 calories).

Choose Foods To Meet Your Goals

    • Choose foods that are Nutrient Dense - Foods that are less processed, have lots of vitamins/minerals (colorful), and have a low-moderate sugar and fat content.
    • Whenever you eat combine both Carbohydrate and Protein sources (1/3 Carbs – Fruits and Vegetables, 1/3 Carbs – Grains & Sweets, and 1/3 Protein - Poultry, Fish & Meat group, Dairy & Eggs group).

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