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Mrs. Patricia Ahlborn
Mathematics Teacher
My goal is to keep our students fully focused on the concepts involved in the procedures they are doing, so that all of their mathematics is thinking-oriented.
Mrs. Brittany Andraka | 2012
History Teacher
Mrs. Meagan Annino
Physics Teacher
It was at Messiah College that the Lord developed several passions in me: a passion for youth ministry, a passion for engineering, and a passion for Christian education.
Ms. Meggan Arnold
Spanish Teacher
One of the best things about teaching is helping students understand the world around them that God has blessed us with and seeing their eyes light up in wonder or excitement.
Mr. Rob Atkins
Bible Teacher
Department Chair, Bible
As a Bible teacher at DC I desire to help our students have a 'God-entranced view of all things.'
Mrs. Renee Bussey
Choir Director
Music Teacher
I am blessed to teach vocal music, a subject that involves the body, soul and spirit, daily going beyond spoken word to a deeper language.
Mrs. Terry Corson
Working in the library provides a great way to share my love of reading and learning with both Middle and High school students.
Mrs. Molly Courtright
Department Chair, Fine Arts
Theatre Teacher
I truly believe that theatre can change your life--a place where you fit in, and can find something you are good at, no matter who you are. I want everyone to experience what theatre can do for them!
Mr. Trevor Creeden
Director of College & Career Counseling
I am amazed at how God has directed me toward opportunities that I have been able to use my gifts and passions. I enjoy working with teens.
Mr. Ric Elliott
Network Administrator
US Tech Crew Director
Mr. Jim Favino
English Teacher
Co-Department Chair, English
My present loves, choices and passions are not merely my own desires but responses to those exhilarating moments of discovery and victory brought on by and shared with titan teachers from my past.
Mrs. Maria Garcia
Spanish Teacher
I want my students to see that learning Spanish is not only for those who are involved in overseas missions to the Spanish speaking world.
Mrs. Lisa Griest
English Teacher
The English classroom renders numerous opportunities to confront ideas contrary to Christian truth; it is an appropriate place to come alongside the student as he develops his world view.
Mr. Lloyd Hill
Mathematics Teacher
Mr. Greg Hobaugh
Bible Teacher
My varied employments and teaching positions have aided in connecting with those whom I teach.
Mr. Thom Houghton
English Teacher
Hi-Q Team Coach
Three of my favorite extracurricular pursuits: serving as advisor for our academic quizzing team (Hi-Q); coaching middle school softball and baseball; announcing our high school's football games.
Mrs. JuChing (Corine) Hsu
Mandarin Teacher
Seeing students working hard to accomplish learning this not-so-easy language has been a great blessing and motivator.
Mr. Matthew Hummel | 2009
History Teacher
Department Chair, History
I'm excited to use what the Lord has done in my life to contribute to the culture at DC! ‘The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.’ Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)
Mr. Roberto Irias
Bible Teacher
The classroom environment and the student and teacher relationships that come from teaching come very naturally to me and have been an amazing blessing to me.
Mr. Joel Kamm
Mathematics Teacher
Department Chair, Mathematics
Robotics Coach
I have coached the high school robotics team which is a wonderful way to engage DC students in meaningful and creative problem solving.
Mrs. Rachel Kamm
English Teacher
Co-Department Chair, English
I love teaching all sorts of literature, but I still favor the classics. Bring on Shakespeare and Milton; they are just as relevant today as when they were written!
Mrs. Mandy Limpert
Band Director
Mr. Addison Martin
Biology Teacher
Born and raised in good ol' Lancaster County, I grew up playing and exploring in the dirt looking for worms and bugs which led to an interest in science.
Mrs. Crys McFarland
English Teacher
German Teacher
Yearbook Advisor
I enjoy asking probing questions and listening to students as they discuss literature and issues. Praying with my students and listening to their concerns is an important part of each school day.
Mr. Michael Militello | 2004
Mathematics Teacher
As a teacher my goal is to take the complex and make it simplified and clear. To see students achieve success and understanding makes me so proud of them and what they were able to accomplish.
Mrs. Tracy Motley
Mathematics Teacher
After working as an engineer for 17 years, I decided to pursue my lifelong passion of teaching.
Mr. Chuck Patterson
Student Support Services Faculty
I have always believed that a good teacher teaches from the heart and that he or she must have a love for students and a passion for their craft.
Miss Brook Pauley
Guidance Counselor
While working in youth ministry, I began to see that I had a passion for counseling students. I also saw that students had a deep longing to connect with trusted and safe adults.
Mr. Andrew Piasecki
Biology and Chemistry Teacher
Teaching at a distinctly Christian school with exceptional academic standards has been something that God clearly led me to.
Mr. Connor Power
Physical Education Teacher
Teaching at DC and being able to share my faith and the experiences God has given me to the next generation is an amazing opportunity.
Mrs. Jody Puckett | 1974
Director of Student Support Services
‘Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.' Psalm 37:4
Mr. Stephen Pulliam
Chemistry Teacher
Department Chair, Science
I discovered a passion for working with students, in and out of the classroom, as well as a joy in teaching Chemistry.
Miss Betsy Sautter
Mathematics Teacher
At DC I appreciate working closely with colleagues to find ways to energize and inspire students to enjoy learning math.
Mr. Cody Skaer
History Teacher
Mr. Mike Skaer
Bible Teacher
One of my favorite hobbies is ultimate frisbee. You may catch me on the field hockey field after school trying to catch up with the teens or at a park with my college friends catching up on life!
Mrs. Lisa Swieson
Science Teacher
I founded the Greater Philadelphia Homeschool Science Fair, and have taught every science class from life science through college physics. I also became certified to borrow moon rocks from NASA.
Mrs. Linda Unger
Art Teacher
Mr. Jeff Wisnewski | 1995
History Teacher
I am very thankful for my high school years at DC where I was not only mentored and taught by godly teachers, but where I also met lifelong friends including my wife!
Mrs. Robin Zecca
Science Teacher
I completed a Master's degree in Secondary Science Education at Arcadia University while teaching at DC.
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