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Mr. Roger Demos

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Location(s) Upper School
Department(s) Science, Upper School Faculty
Title(s) AP Physics Teacher
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Degree(s) The Bible says let those who have the gift of teaching let them teach. Through many struggles God finally brought me to this place.
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The Bible says let those who have the gift of teaching let them teach. Through many struggles God finally brought me to this place.


When I was in high school I used to explain math solutions to fellow students. They would often say, “you ought to be a teacher, you can explain things so well.” I knew I wanted to be a teacher but I was not sure when. My degree is in Civil Engineering and I assumed that I would start my career as an engineer. In my co-op assignments, I found that people smoked in the office and air circulation was not good. I couldn’t take the smoke. I was offered a graduate assistantship for a program that fell apart. So I decided to try teaching earlier than planned and was very successful at it. I was lost for a while, but God finally took me to the place I needed to be.


Why physics? We had student day in high school and I got the chance to teach all the physics classes for the day. Later in college I so much enjoyed and related to the physics courses of Statics and Dynamics. We would do labs and my lab partners would say, “Ok, Demos, how does all this work?” I would figure it out and explain it to them. I am a good problem solver. We have many math teachers in my family, but someone told me that real education starts when you start to play. I am a math teacher with a lot of toys.


I taught for 14 years at Marple Newtown SH, then 21 years at Haverford SH. In that time I took many courses and summer programs to increase my teaching skills. I am always experimenting and growing. Also, in the time at Haverford, I coached my Science Olympiad team and had the joy of working with many creative and motivated students. I became more and more involved in Science Olympiad until now I serve as the State Director.


Robin Zecca has told me about her experiences at DC and tried to recruit me for years. The openings at DC and my availability never seemed to match. Finally God called me here. As a side note, I turned down the offer first until finally, after much prayer, the Holy Spirit brought me here.


One of my hobbies for years was photography. Not just photography but putting photos together to tell a story. I used to put together slide shows using two projectors and a dissolve control. Often I put the slide shows to music. I am also interested in living history. My wife Barb and I have probably been to Williamsburg twenty times. We enjoy talking to the actors when other tourists are not around, That way we can delve into their particular trade must deeper than the standard presentation when a group comes into their shop. Lastly, it is not a hobby, but a mission. I have co-led or led many mission trips with our Senior High Fellowship or the adults of our church. Mission work is more of a calling than a hobby!


There are two big things on my bucket list: cruise to Alaska and take the Canadian railroad back home, and cruise the Rhine River or the Danube, both with my wife.


I enjoyed reading the Mitford series with my wife. It talks about life and relationships and struggles and how we can work through them. On a more technical note, I enjoyed the book Longitude.

B.S. Drexel Institute of Technology; M.S. Drexel University 

Upper Campus (grades 6-12) + Admin
462 Malin Road
Newtown Square, PA 19073

Lower Campus (Grades prek-5)
905 South Waterloo Road
Devon, PA 19333

  • 610-353-6522
  • 610-356-9684
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