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As a Christian liberal arts college preparatory school, DC’s academic program offers a broad grounding in the humanities, arts, and sciences, ensuring that students can read critically, think deeply, and write cogently. Liberal arts learning is the core of learning that unlocks and informs work in more specialized areas of inquiry - ultimately enabling individuals to be innovative in solving problems, as they can bring to bear multifaceted thinking. Complementing that robust foundation are several unique programs that bring learning to life and contribute to the distinctive life-on-life model of Christian education at DC.


The Schools for Applied and Innovative Learning (SAIL) are designed to build on DC’s liberal arts educational framework. SAIL comprises three components: The School of Arts, the School of Humanities and Entrepreneurship, and the School of STEM. The more than 50 courses offered in these schools emphasize meaningful risk-taking, collaboration, and communication through an interdisciplinary, product-based learning experience.

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Understanding the importance of real-world experiential learning, every junior participates in a one-week internship.  This hands-on learning invites students to explore their interests, interact with professionals, and develop mentoring relationships - translating what they learn in the classroom to another context.

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Outdoor Education

DC Lower School students experience the blessings of our beautiful thirty-three acre campus as their teachers take the learning outdoors to our sprawling hills, hardwood forest, running stream, pond, and meadow - a wonderful context in which students can explore and discover!  We believe that outdoor learning enriches the curriculum, enhances the joy of learning, and serves as a wonderful platform for observing the handiwork and intentionality of God, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe.

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Student Support Services

DC views all students as valued, unique image bearers of God, and views human intellect as that which can be shaped and developed. As such, Student Support Services (SSS) exists to serve diverse nontraditional learners, who have needs that require supplemental services and/or accommodations in addition to the regular classroom, helping them to achieve success in a Christian college preparatory school program.

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Summer Programs

DC Summer Programs exists to provide young people with a fun, educational, and distinctively Christian summer experience. Offerings include Day Camp, Sports Instruction, and Enrichment Opportunities. As the staff members teach, lead, and foster fun, they are committed to getting to know every camper as an individual made in the image of God.

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Courses for Homeschoolers

We take seriously our commitment to graduating students who will be world changers. Our desire is to partner with homeschooling families, by connecting students in a rich educational setting that will build the next generation of believers who will lead confidently for Christ. Homeschooling students in grades 9-12 are welcomed to join DC students in select courses through our School of Liberal Arts (SLA). Courses in our Schools for Applied and Innovative Learning (SAIL) are also available to students in grades 6-12.

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