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The internship program at DC provides students with exciting opportunities to explore the working world and grow in their God-given gifts and abilities. In order to be prepared to “impact the world through biblical thought and action,” every DC student will spend significant time communicating, interacting, collaborating, and learning from professionals and experts in the community and beyond. Each tenth grade student is required to complete 20 internship hours through the Sophomore Externship Program, and each eleventh grade student is required to complete 40 internship hours through the Junior Practicum. 

Students will seek out and obtain their own internship with assistance from the DC College and Career Office as needed. Internship hours and forms are submitted and tracked using Time2Track software. These required hours must be completed by May 31st of their sophomore and junior years. A student may not miss class time to complete their internship hours, but may complete internship hours during PRT (study hall) time. Once completed, the Sophomore Externship and Junior Practicum courses will be listed on the student’s transcript and given a grade of 0-4. 

For more information on the Sophomore Externship or Junior Practicum internship programs, please contact Trevor Creeden, Director of College and Career Counseling, at (610) 353-6522 ext. 2229 or