Explore Day Camp (Ages 6-10)

EXPLORE this exciting and engaging day camp for ages 6-10.  With our largest variety of offerings, campers can participate a diverse set of interests.  Every week is something new!   

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     Session 1: June 21 - 25 - session closed

       Theme Day:  Construction Zone
       Activity Highlight: Fortress Dodgeball

Throughout this week campers will be building and decorating large fortresses out of cardboard and duct tape. On Thursday the groups will battle it out in an epic capture the flag/dodgeball competition to see whose fortress reigns supreme.

     Session 2:  June 28 - July 2 - Session closed

       Theme Day: Mission Impossible
       Activity Highlight: Super Sleuth

In this game of mystery, campers will be following a series of clues and challenges to see who can reach the end and solve the mystery first.

       Activity Highlight: Overnight (Ages 9-10)

     Session 3: July 6 - 9  (4 Day Week) - session closed

             Independence Day Observed Monday 7/5
       Theme Day: Crazy Carnival
       Activity Highlight: Two Ton Ice Cream Sundae

In one of our summer classics, we will be hosting our camp carnival where campers can participate in various booths and games to win prizes. This all then gets topped off with one of our beloved camp traditions, the Two Ton Ice Cream Sundae.

     Session 4: July 12 - 16 - session closed

       Theme Day: Summer Knights
       Activity Highlight: Knight Tournaments

Try your hand at some traditional knight challenges infused with fun twists including, jousting, archery, and dragon capturing.

     Session 5: July 19 - 23 - session closed

       Theme Day: Christmas In July
        Activity Highlight: The Grinch Strikes Again

The Grinch is on the loose and is trying to steal Christmas! Track down the Grinch and retrieve the stolen items before all the festivities are done.

     Session 6: July 26 - 30 - waitlist only

       Theme Day: Jungle Jam
       Activity Highlight:  Jungle Run

Run through the jungle as you find 7 pieces to an ancient jungle puzzle, and place them together before an imminent danger is unleashed.     

     Session 7: August 2 - 6 - session closed

       Theme Day: Wet N Wild

Get ready to get wet as you pick numbers that reveal some classic and crazy ways that you and your friends will get soaked!

       Activity Highlight: Cherry Crest Adventure Farm field trip




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