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General Information

The staff of DC Summer Programs is fully committed to the health and safety of your child both physically and emotionally during their time with us. We employ a registered nurse to be on camp at all times throughout the summer. This person manages all camper health forms and allergy concerns, relaying necessary information to other staff members and monitoring campers closely throughout each day. Our camp nurse is not tied to a specific schedule during the camp day to ensure availability to handle any situation that may arise in a timely manner.

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As an important part of training, all staff members are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to help campers have a fun and safe summer, including how to care for campers who need special attention for a variety of reasons.

COVID-19 Protocol Information:

Thank you for considering DC Summer Programs for your child!  We are dedicated to providing the safest possible environment for our campers, their families and staff members. If you have any questions regarding our health and safety protocols please do not hesitate to contact us.    Updated pandemic protocols for summer 2022 will be posted for your review no later than April 1, 2022.  Recognizing that this is an ever evolving situation, we utilize a multifaceted approach to decision making including guidance from the Director of Health Service at Delaware County Christian School, the Chester County Health Department and other trusted an knowledgeable advisors.  Local metrics from our local and immediate camp community are utilized to make the be situationally based decisions possible.

Daily Camper Health Screening Instructions for parents

Sunscreen Information

This year at camp we will need to implement a new sunscreen policy due to a new law passed in the state of Pennsylvania regarding the application of sun screen in a school setting.  Although you are attending summer camp, since it is run by the school, the requirements of Pennsylvania School Code, Section 1414.10 still apply.  This code requires that parents sign a self application waiver in order for their child to carry and apply their own sunscreen at camp.  These waivers will be available at the nurses table at registration on Monday morning for you to fill out so please be sure to walk your child in for their first day of camp.  We will make these waivers available electronically as soon as possible.  Sunscreen can be on any SPF rating, but must be FDA approved (you should not have an issue with common brands) and must be non-aerosol

Sunscreen Waiver

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